The Lamb's Ministry

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Our Mission

As the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, we seek to meet physical and spiritual needs of those experiencing homelessness and disadvantages in the Boulder area. Through shared food, shared faith, and shared fellowship, we encourage all in the Lamb's Ministry community to grow closer to Jesus.

Our Vision

Lamb's Ministry Activities at Grace Commons Church, Boulder

How You Can Join Us In Ministry


For Lamb's Lunch - Served on Saturdays at noon, with doors opening at 10 a.m., and food prep starting as early as 8 a.m, this is an opportunity to help cook and serve a no-cost lunch to our low income or homeless guests. Here also is a great opening to share your walk with Christ, pray for individual needs, and build new friendships while serving food and the Lord!

For the Lamb's Cafe - Reach out to the Boulder community by offering a steaming hot cup of coffee and a fresh bagel. Open Thursday at 8 a.m., with food prep starting as early as 6:00 a.m., this is a marvelous way for our participating churches to make new relationships. Each week the coffee "stirs" up more new friendships that grow in a special and exciting way. We pray for those in need, who sense God's presence here each time they come.

To Volunteer - Contact us at (303) 335-9771 or We carry general liability insurance for the protection of our volunteers.

For More Information - Review our brochure, our volunteer training manual and our volunteer hints to prepare yourself to serve.

Financial Support

We are a tax-free, non-profit 501(c)-3 organization. At present we recruit all of our core volunteers from our homeless participants. Our operating expenses are not large but we do have them. We appreciate your help, donations are gracefully accepted, and if requested a tax receipt can be provided. Please contact us at (303) 335-9771 or to make a donation. Thank you.

Pray For Us

Above all, this ministry is built on prayer. We greatly desire your participation in seeking God as He guides this work.

Participating Churches


  • October 2023: Our 2023/24 seasons is currently on hold while we work to fine a new location at which to serve our meals. Grace Commons, our host church, has requested we no longer serve from their property due to safety concerns, while continuing to allow us to store and prepare food at their location. Hence, we have put the Lamb's Cafe on indefinite hold, we are focusing on getting the Lamb's Lunch up and running again, and the Lamb's Sandwiches is continuing.
  • October 2022: Our 2022/23 season is beginning and we will be continuing run in our modified form of hot, to-go meals (and often sack lunches too). Our Saturday lunches ended in early-April without the Footwash for another year, while our Thursday Cafes do continue thru the summer. We are hopeful that we can return to indoor, sit-down meals in the 2023/24 season.
  • May, 2020: Our host church, First Presbyterian Church, where all of our activities occur is now Grace Commons Church. Same church, same mission, same values, but a new name.

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