The Lamb's Ministry: Boulder Footwash 2019
April 13th, 2019 [Main Page] 24 Images

The Boulder Footwash was held on Saturday, April 13 at First Pres Church, our annual end of the Lamb's Lunch season event. We had some 20 haircutting students and 20 manicurist students from the BVSD CTEC program, among many other volunteers.

There were 168 guests, more than 80 hair cuts, more than 40 manicures, a number of foot washes, and 123 clients for clothes give away. Clothing given away included 74 pairs of jeans, 76 t-shirts, 125 pairs of socks, and a number of hygeine items (e.g., raazors, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes, hand lotion, etc...)

The event wrapped up with a delicious sit-down meal provided by Casa de Dios Shalom. Thanks much to all who made this turn out so well!